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Programma SharEU - Centro di Eccellenza Jean Monnet

The project

Shared Values and Global Challenges: Toward a New Renaissance for the EU

Start: 01-09-2016 - End: 31-08-2019

Project Reference: 574729-EPP-1-2016-1-IT-EPPJMO-CoE

Programme: Erasmus+

Sub-programme: Jean Monnet Activities

Action: Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence


The aim of this project is to consolidate and furtherly integrate the activity of teaching and research in the field of EU studies at the University of Florence (UNIFI). It is devoted to the study of the impact of global challenges on the core values of the EU, proposing a "new Renaissance" for Europe. Solidarity among Europeans becomes a crucial issue for the future of the EU, while challenges in the economic, social and political context impose pressures on mechanism of social cohesion, such as reciprocity, inclusion, and institutional trust. The topic will be addressed through subthemes closely interrelated: migration, citizenship, social and human rights, sustainable development and environment, international cooperation, political participation, identities and narratives, multiculturalism and multilinguism. If the literature deals with each of these themes separately, the aim here is to understand them in their interrelations and by adopting a truly interdisciplinary perspective. The general aim of the project is to show how the EU’s fundamental values are put into practice through concrete actions at European, national, regional and local levels, and how they can contribute to face global challenges successfully. The activities foreseen include research, teaching and the organisation of several events (conferences, seminars, initiatives for citizens, activities in schools), outputs (publications, web site, ‘SharEU’ radio broadcast). Given the high importance of the theme of research, an impact in the international academic community and in the local civil society is envisaged. The members of the Scientific Committee are professors with diverse disciplinary backgrounds belonging to different EU and extra-EU universities and they ensure a detailed analyalori condivisi e sfide globali: Verso un nuovo Rinascimento per l'UE

last update: 14-Aug-2019
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