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Controradio Radio Station

The Radio

Controradio is a local radio station operating since 1976; with its frequencies it covers almost the whole Tuscany region. More specifically the provinces of Pisa, Lucca and Livorno on  98.9 FM and Firenze, Prato, Pistoia on 93.6 FM.

 Since its beginning its has been characterized by the aim of producing “quality local, national and international news” with its own newsroom and professional team of journalists.

Controradio is part of the extended national network Popolare Network headed by the Milan based Radio Popolare. Popolare Network is a group of various local radio stations that have in common a daily schedule of programmes; the contents  of these programmes are selected following ethical principles. The main topics of those programmes are culture, news and the environment.

Controradio believes that independency and being able to give a service to its listeners are values it cannot give up and it considers a fundamental right of each one to be able to communicate and be informed. Therefore Controradio is constantly looking for and promoting new sources of information and the production of a pluralist communication. To do so, it actively engages its audience through call-in shows, in order to obtain a critical and more rounded understanding of reality.

The schedule is focused on the broadcast of news and informational programmes, promoting culture, a responsible environmental ethic and everyday life good praxis.

One of the main goals of Controradio is to provide a valid alternative to the Commercialization of news operated by the more commercial radio stations, through the broadcast of quality programmes and shows. The same principles are applied to music selection and to the preparation of entertainment programmes, which are based on the idea of promoting quality musical and artistic performances, far from a strictly commercial advertising logic.

Since 1992 Controradio has had a central role in the production and diffusion of programmes aimed to give political and practical information to local citizens. Those are realized in-house or commissioned by the local administration or private organization of Tuscany and beyond.

Controradio’s core target is young people – high school and university students – professionals, cultural operators, opinion leaders; a very educated public with high cultural interests who listen to the radio to be updated on cultural and entertainment events that are happening in Tuscany (and not only) and on local news through bulletins and current affairs programmes, often hosting commentators in the studio and with the contribution of listener’s calls.

last update: 24-Feb-2017
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