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Programma SharEU - Centro di Eccellenza Jean Monnet

Programming and Projects

Institution: Controradio represent one of the main channel of institutional informations on local government institutions such as  Regione Toscana and its local councils (department of Culture, Tourism, Immigration, Young politics, Health) for which it produces and diffuses editorials formats with journalistic angles and communication campaigns ( spots, ads, news clips, live coverage)

Controradio collaborates with the University of Pisa and Firenze, The chamber of Commerce,  water, energy and waste management public companies. Controradio works with Cesvot, the Tuscan centre for volunteering, with different No Profit organizations, museum and theatre of Tuscany. In November 2007,

Controradio was involved in the fair Dire & Fare, promoted by ANCI Toscana e Regione Toscana, with live covering of the event. The fair was dedicated to the promotion of innovation systems to be introduced in the management of public offices, volunteering organizations and associations.


Environment: As we said before, Controradio focuses most of its attention on informational, cultural and environmental issues. In this optic one of the most followed programmes is “Lezioni di Stili, le buone pratiche del vivere quotidiano” (Styles lessons – the good practises of everyday life). This is a weekly editorial and investigative journalist style programme on critical consumption, how to live a more environmentally friendly life style, fair trade and responsible tourism.

It is broadcasted twice a day, Monday to Friday, and repeated  on Popolare Network, the national circuit headed by the Milan based Radio Popolare.

Companies such as “La 220”, producer of clean electric energy, “Terra Futura” (Future Planet) and Meeting di San Rossore – an annual meeting promoted by Regione Toscana and focusing on new renewable energy sources and climate change issues – are among the main commercial clients of the radio and are advertised through ads, editorials and live coverage. The radio is constantly involved in campaigns for the promotion of recycle and renewable energy sources through ads, editorials and live coverage.


Culture and Entertainment: Controradio is also involved in cultural and entertainment events: since 1984, with the participation of Comune di Firenze (Council of Florence), it organizes the “ Rock Contest”, a national festival for unsigned, upcoming bands. This is one of the most important festivals of its kind in Italy (artist such as Litfiba, Bandabardò, Irene Grandi that are now well known by the national and international public, took part in the contest).

Controradio has been running for 15 years, in collaboration with the Centre for the Contemporary Art L. Pecci in Prato, “ Videominuto POP tv” , an international short movie festival of one minute videos.

Another of the cultural events organized by the radio station was “Station to Station: moving creativity”. The main core of the festival was young creativity and its five editions were realized thanks to the sponsorship of Comune di Firenze (Council of Florence). The event was broadcasted live and involved thousands of young people from all over the country. Since many years Controradio promotes the main cinematographic happenings in Tuscany: “Il festival del Cinema Europeo” (The European film festival), “France Cinema”, “Il Festival dei popoli” (The people’s festival) “Cinema e Donne” (Women and Cinema), and literature initiatives like the “Pisa Book Festival”.

The radio station advertises and covers the most important music and art festivals in Italy.

Among those are: “Playart Arezzo”, “Pistoia Blues”, “Fabbrica Europa” (Europe Factory), “Station to Station”, “L’estate Fiesolana” (Summer in Fiesole), “L’estate Fiorentina” (Summer in Florence), “Prato Estate” (Summer in Prato), “Giugno Pisano” (June in Pisa), “Effetto Venizia” (Venice effect), “Il festival delle colline di Prato” (The festival of hills in Prato), “Officina Giovani di Prato” ( Young people’s Workshop in Prato), “Il metarock di Pisa” ( The Metarock festival in Pisa), “Lucca Jazz Donna” ( Lucca Jazz Women), “Look at Festival in Lucca”. 
last update: 24-Feb-2017
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